Estrella Acosta


Estrella Acosta

Cuban Country Queens

            A festive concert that shines a spotlight on the female songwriters of the Cuban countryside who wrote so many great songs over the years, the queens of the música guajira.

            In the 1940s and 1950s, women in Cuba often made the most beautiful and in-demand music on the 'new media', the live radio broadcasts and the nascent television. Many of those songs, with roots in southern Spain and Africa, had immediate success throughout Latin America. During our Cuban Country Queens tour we bring this music to the Dutch audience, a mix of the greatest hits by these amazing women and Estrella's own songs, in adventurous arrangements.

            Cuban singer Estrella Acosta has been an ambassador of the music of her motherland in the Netherlands. She and her band Esquina 25 create a fresh take on Cuban music, with adventurous improvisations, while keeping the flavor and spirit that is so characteristic of this music.

            The musicians come from different countries - Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay, Germany and the Netherlands - but share a broad experience in Latin American music and jazz. Together they form a unique blend of creative voices that unite and bring joy.

With Marc Bischoff (piano), Efraim Trujillo (saxes/flute), Samuel Ruiz (double bass), Enrique Firpi (drums), Estrella Acosta (zang) and guest Gerardo Rosales (percussion).

pijl   See the band live here on YouTube.

pijl   Listen here on Soundcloud to a preview: Ay Amor, music and lyrics by Estrella Acosta.


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Estrella's concert agenda :

vr 18 mrt 2022 UJazz, Utrecht
zo   3 apr 2022 Zoetermeer Jazz
vr 15 apr 2022 De Pletterij, Haarlem
za 21 mei 2022 Perdido, Hillegom
ma  6 jun 2022 Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch crown
za 18 jun 2022 Zeelandjazz Festival Middelburg crown
za 10 sep 2022 De Doelen, Rotterdam crown
zo 25 sep 2022 De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag crown
za 15 okt 2022 Sound of Europe, Breda crown
wo 19 okt 2022 Cultura, Ede crown
za 29 okt 2022 Onder de Toren, Grootschermer crown
za   5 nov 2022 World Music Series, Dordrecht
vr 11 nov 2022 Jazzpodium De Tor, Enschede
di 15 nov 2022 Schouwburg De Meerse, Hoofddorp crown
za 19 nov 2022 Mahogany Hall, Edam crown
vr   9 dec 2022 BIMhuis, Amsterdam
za 29 apr 2023 Paradox, Tilburg crown

'Cuban Country Queens'  tour = crown

The 'Cuban Country Queens' tour is made possible
by the Fonds Podiumkunsten FPK
and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

      Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds                FPK          

Esquina 25




2017:   Mujeres de Luna
Celebrating the great female composers of Cuba

            Cuban vocalist Estrella Acosta went on a search in the rich and beautiful musical history of her motherland. She discovered new and original music, composed by women. Estrella presented these songs on her tour of the Netherlands, the country where she lives and works for many years, with imaginative arrangements in a new and contemporary instrumentation.

            In 2017 the theater concert 'Mujeres de Luna' was performed in 11 theaters all over The Netherlands. Estrella's top Latin jazz quintet, together with the all female Pavadita String Quartet, gave the audience a unique perspective on these talented women of Cuba. 'How great - this concert takes you to a world made by women' said Mijke Loeven, now director of the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, at the premiere at De Doelen in Rotterdam.

Female Cuban composers as source of inspiration

            "Women always played an important role in Cuban music, but outside of Cuba their contribution as composers and singer-songwriters has often been neglected," says Estrella Acosta. Over the years they have provided outstanding and essential contributions to this rich history.
            During the concert Mujeres de Luna we see where their music comes from and how the composers developed their own style and career. Estrella: "With this homage I would like to encourage all women to also follow their own path and realize their ideals."

Mujeres de Luna - Women in Cuban Music

Estrella Acosta (voice), Marc Bischoff (piano, musical director), Efraim Trujillo (sax/flute), Samuel Ruiz (double bass), Enrique Firpi (drums), Pavadita String Quartet: Claudia Valenzuela (violin), Sophie de Rijk (violin), Maria Sofia Espiga (viola), Eva van de Poll (cello)

The program consists of pieces by Maria Cervantes (1885-1981), Maria Teresa Vera (1895-1965), Margarita Lecuona (1910-1981), Teresita Fernández (1930-2013), Elda Carrillo (1933-2009), Marta Valdčs (1934), Liuba Maria Hevia (1964), Lázara Ribadavia (1966) and Yaima Orozco (1980).
New arrangements for this line-up were written by Hilario Durán, Marc Bischoff and Michael Simon.

The music of Mujeres de Luna is now available on CD or for download from this site, see RECORDINGS.

pijl   Listen to Mujeres de Luna on Spotify


The Mujeres de Luna tour was made possible by the Performing Arts Fund FPK



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