Estrella Acosta



"Esquina 25 is one of those albums that creeps up on the unsuspecting listener and burns with a blue, almost imperceptible flame until, by the third or fourth hearing it explodes in the mind's ear. Estrella with her extraordinary contralto... is quite the star in the manner of her expression, her diction and manner in which she delivers on character, gesture and narrative... sings with fervor and soul."
              - Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network, Canada

Luis Tamargo

"One of the best recordings of Cuban music realized in Europe... Estrella Acosta is one of the most versatile antillean singers of our times."
              - Luis Tamargo, Contacto, USA


"Esquina 25 is een ontspannen en uiterst gevarieerd geheel, met intimiteit en trots gebracht door een tot nu toe eigenlijk wat onderschatte zangeres die hier soepel en losjes door charanga's, chacha's en andere stijlen dartelt."
              - Pieter Franssen,, Netherlands


A full article in Spanish about Estrella and Cuban country music by Carlos Olivares Baró

Latin Beat magazine

"...a happy transatlantic party that takes off and soars!" 
              - Latin Beat Magazine, USA,  Luis Tamargo

NRC Alma Guajira