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  'Tierra' is nominated for a
    Latin GRAMMY® 2023!

Cover Tierra

Tierra, Songs by Cuban Women - eStar 136, the lasting result of our 'Cuban Country Queens' tour, shines a spotlight on the female songwriters of the Cuban countryside who wrote so many great songs over the years, the queens of the 'música guajira' like Celina González and Radeunda Lima. A mix of their greatest hits and Estrella's own songs, that were inspired by them, presented in adventurous arrangements. 'Tierra' is available as a digital album but also as a limited-edition, nicely packaged real CD.

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Estrella Acosta - voice, Marc Bischoff - piano, musical director, Efraim Trujillo - soprano, tenor sax / flute, Samuel Ruiz - double bass, Enrique Firpi - drums, Gerardo Rosales - percussion, Alfredo Caicedo - vocals.

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Cover Noche Cubana

Noche Cubana - eStar 135 is a warm and joyful album of traditional Cuban songs from Estrella and an amazing team of top musicians, who with their swing and virtuosity transport you to a sultry tropical night in Cuba. 'Noche Cubana' is a digital-only album that can be downloaded from all music webstores.

Estrella Acosta - voice
Carlitos Irarragorri - tres guitar and guitar on all songs, piano, bass and percussion on track 5, vocals
Pedro Luis Pardo - tres guitar, bass, vocals
Gerardo Rosales - bongos, congas, maracas, guïro, clave and campana.

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CD 134 Mujeres de Luna

Mujeres de Luna - eStar 134 can be found in all music webstores, including Apple, iTunes Music, Google Play and Amazon, but we prefer Bandcamp...
Estrella and her Latin band, together with the all female Pavadita String Quartet and special guests Orlando 'Maraca' Valle and Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández, give an unique perspective of songs composed by Cuban women over the past one hundred years. The arrangements by Hilario Durán, Marc Bischoff and Michael Simon open up a panorama of Latin American rhythms and jazz harmonies, giving the soloists ample space to create.

Estrella Acosta - voice, Marc Bischoff - piano, musical director, Efraim Trujillo - soprano, tenor sax / flute, Samuel Ruiz - bass, Enrique Firpi - drums, Pavadita String Quartet and many others, plus special guests Orlando 'Maraca' Valle - flute and Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández - percussion.

Listen on Soundcloud to Dias Que Quiero.

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CD 133 Esquina 25
Esquina 25 - eStar 133  brings together top international musicians playing a variety of Cuban styles with adventurous improvisations. It pays tribute to the cultural variety that characterizes life around the Havana street corner, Avenida G y Calle 25, where many Cuban writers, musicians and other culture bearers have met and inspired each other.

Marc Bischoff (piano), Efraim Trujillo (sax/flute), Carlos Irarragorri (tres guitar), Leonardo Amuedo (guitar), Claudia Valenzuela (violin), Reno Steba and Arjen Gorter (bass), Gerardo Rosales (percussion), Armando Vidal (drums, percussion) and Estrella Acosta (vocals).

Listen on Soundcloud to Amo Esta Isla, Eso No Es Na, La Gloria Eres Tu or Baila El Son.

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mp3 single Ay Amor Ay Amor   is a new song to celebrate summer, with all the flavor of the Cuban countryside. Like many traditional Cuban country songs, it talks about love and the magic of nature, and meanwhile it alternates between different danceable rhythms.

Estrella Acosta composed 'Ay Amor' and sings it with Carlos Irarragorri from Trinidad, Cuba, who did the adventurous arrangement and also plays it, on guitar, baby bass, Cuban tres guitar, bongos, maracas and keyboards.

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CD 132 Alma Guajira Estrella: "I dedicate Alma Guajira - eStar 132  to my family from San José de los Ramos, Matanzas, for it was there that I first got a taste for the music and soul of Cuban country life, and to my mother Estrella, who kept it alive through her stories and her love of nature. Thanks to all the wonderful musicians who participated in this recording and to all who worked toward its realization. We hope this music brings you happiness!"

Carlos Irarragorri (tres, guitar, vocals), Armando Vidal (conga, bongo, percussion, vocals), Jorge Martinez Galán (piano, vocals on 11), Pedro Luis Pardo (bass), Liber Torriente (timbales, percussion), Joe Rivera (trumpet), Mark Alban Lotz (flute), Jan Luc van Eendenburg (maracas), Hernando Vanin (vocals on 11, 13), Beatriz Aguiar, Sandra Mirabal (vocals on 13) and Estrella Acosta (vocals).

Listen to clips of Guateque Campesino, Raices, La Guayabita or Romance Guajiro.

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CD 131 Navegando Navegando de La Habana a Rio - eStar 131  is an early fusion of Brazilian and Cuban musical styles. Lyrics by Estrella and music by Brazilian composer Luizao Paiva are played by a line-up that unites the best of the international Amsterdam music scene, resulting in a highly original and varied palette of songs.

Luizao Paiva (piano, keyboards, voice), Leonardo Amuedo (guitar, tablas), Jasper Blom (tenor, soprano sax), Alex Coke (flute, tenor sax), David Rothschild (trombone), Jose Luis Lopretti (bass), Enrique Firpi (drums), Claus Tofft (conga, bongo), Lucio Garcia (tres, voice), Lorre Lynn Trytten, Sander Hoving (violin), Eduard van Regteren Altena (cello), Arjen Gorter (double bass), Edson Gomes (percussion, cuica), Estrella Acosta (voice).

Listen to clips of La Habana, Chorinho del Corazon and Flight of the Birds.

"Navegando" will be available in digital form soon.


CD Mister G, Los Animales Invited by Ben Gundersheimer, a.k.a. Mister G, Estrella sang vocal parts on the great bilingual children's album, Los Animales, together with a super team of Latin musicians. Little did they know that it would win a Latin Grammy in 2015!
CD Kraayenhof, Memorias de Cuba Estrella contributed as guest soloist to the recording Memorias De Cuba by Dutch bandoneon-player Carel Kraayenhof and the Metropole Orchestra.
CD Mark Lotz, Cuban Fishes As part of Mark Alban Lotz' project combining improvisations with religious folklore music from the Afro Cuban Santería tradition, Estrella appeared on Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes, recorded in the Netherlands and Cuba.